NIGHT PORTER BLUES (Words Maloney. Music Maloney/Ramsden)
The signs on all the handles read 'Do Not Disturb' | And what happens after midnight is never seen but sometimes heard | There's a debutante on the ground floor with her lover in her bed | There's a widow in the penthouse whose husband ain't quite dead | I've seen it all before | People walking out the backdoor walking tall | She don't sign the register and she don't get no receipt | And there are stains on all the carpets from yesterday's deceits

CARGO (Words Maloney. Music Maloney/Ramsden)
Slow motion strobe of the streetlight through the crack of the door | Countdown to nowhere drawing circles in the dust on the floor | Steal a glimpse of her photo before the light's snatched back | Blind eyes staring forward because you won't look back | Cold air runs her fingers up your inseam like a teenage flirt | Makes her gauche advances, takes her chances | Crouching in the dirt | Steal a glimpse of her photo before the light's snatched back | Blind eyes staring forward because you can't look back

THIS CHARADE! (Words & music Maloney)
All the things about you that I once found so endearing | Don't you know their charm is not so slowly disappearing | On the outside staring in | I used to laugh along but the joke wore thin | This charade! | X marks the spot but all the names have been altered | The tour guide didn't write her lines but she never falters | Paint it black, now paint it white | It don't matter either way just keep the dirt out of sight | Nothing worth having needs a hard sell | Success is spite, love kiss and tell | Mistaking pity for affection | Driftwood crumbling in your hands

TEN YEARS TO MIDNIGHT (Words & music Maloney/Smith)
Trowel on the slap till the cracks don't show | Run into the light, oh see them go

SAY IT ISN'T SO (Words & music Maloney)
I don't care if it's the truth just say it isn't so | If you tell one good lie in your life make it this one please | Just one more kiss | 'Cause ignorance is bliss | And when we come up for air just say it isn't so

Down where the tram lines scar the roads | Where the Singapore Slingers they just won't go | With a shark-eyed gaze and a gallows grin | Hanging 'round waiting for your second act to begin | Making light of the blackout in the red light zone | Here in this high volume bar | Fun to be had if you get that far | Hanging 'round waiting | Depreciating | Got your cynical jive learned verbatim | Well, I'm in hell but I know my way around

CASE FULL OF EXCUSES (Words & music Maloney)
If you're looking for a reason to misbehave | I've got a case full of excuses | Maybe some, you'll even believe | If you think you've priced your pride out of the market | I can make you an offer | You'd be a fool to refuse | If you think this world is full of fools | Playing dumb little games with fucked up rules | You won't get an argument from me | And if you think this town is like an open sore | On the scabby lips of a tired whore | On that, at least, we agree

MONOCHROME (Words & music Maloney)
A cheap hotel room like in a thousand maudlin songs | Didn't seem so empty before she came as now she's gone | A fractured conversation on a public telephone | Hang up the receiver - fade to monochrome | Wheels hum on the tarmac, we start to sing along | Just a scale understudy till someone better comes along

EXECRATION 29 (Words & music Maloney)
I got so many ways to say I hate this world | This is number 29 | I got a lot of back-story left to mine | I got so many ways to say go to hell | That was one right there | Don't get me started… | I got so many lies that I tell myself | Just to keep me going | Please tell if my little tells are showing

SKY BLEEDS BLUE (Words & music Maloney)
Sky bleeds blue | Blue from black | Don't meet their gaze | And don't look back | Some arcane language | I think it's mine | Nines become zeroes | I'm feeling fine | Sky bleeds blue | Blue to grey | Two crumpled bills | And auf wiedersehen | Dawn's moist kiss | Getting fresh with me | No excuses | And no apologies

EVERYDAY, SOMETIMES (Words & music Maloney)
It's been sometime since I've been this way | And all those platitudes don't cut no sway | Everyday, sometimes | It's been sometime in the planning stage | I take an artisan's pride in my fall from grace | The balustrade slips away | There's a sneer behind the veil

CLIP JOINT SMILE (Words & music Maloney)
Kohl black hair, bile green eyes | Botox visage that registers no surprise | Whoever said sin was ugly must have been blind | I'm hooked on the sedative red of your clip joint smile | Discount store scent on terracotta skin | As deep as it goes it's all I'm interested in | Well, beauty fades but not under a neon glow | The price of admission is more than you'll ever know

SAY WHAT YOU WANT (Words & music Maloney)
Say what you want the world looks better from down here | An upskirt on the human race | Has a little more charm than face-to-face | Say what you want the world smells better from down here | The shit flowing in these gutters south | Don't reek like the shit that spills from your mouth

DAZZLED IN THE SPOTLIGHT (Words & music Maloney)
I love the way she walks | I love the way she talks | I love the way she looks through me | There's no hint of surprise | In those k-hole eyes | In my personal space out of reach | I'm losing sensation | Got a bad motivation | I'm in the starring role alright | There's baited breath in the stalls | But I'll earn their applause | Up to the dress circle tonight | I'm dazzled in the spotlight | My heart's beating black | Just like a panic attack | I got a reptile coiled in my brain | I got feline eyes | I'm trying hard to disguise | But my spleen worn proud on my sleeve

TARNISH ON YOUR HALO (Words & music Maloney)
Is it a trick of the light or did I just not see? | You seem to have lost your burnished sheen | I can see the tarnish on your halo | Tarnish on your halo | But then, in the sodium haze, worn against the night | Despite it all it's still shining bright

... AND THE RECORD PLAYS ON (Words & music Maloney)
So another day begins | In the dirty skin you're living in | Light another cigarette | Another night to forget | Say so long, smiling sweet | Grab your coat and hit the street | Got a cute arse for collateral | Got a soundtrack in bad rock & roll | Need someone when the wine runs dry | Who don't understand but don't ask why | Returning all the smiles you fake | Some kind of home till morning breaks | They're talking about you now you're gone | And the record plays on

SCHADENFREUDE (Words & music Maloney)
I woke up between crisp white sheets with a dirty conscience | It took me a while to remember where I was | The motif on the cup on the night stand put me straight | Drawing back the curtains I looked out across the city | The nipple slip of a sallow sun peeped out from behind an unfamiliar skyline | It was dusk - I'd slept all day | Leaning out the hotel window I could see a hundred reality tunnels intersecting in the evening twilight | Psychic cave-ins outside the fast food franchises and the private clubs | Ideological escape artists being dragged screaming from the dogma dirt of forbidden perimeters | Early bird hookers offering their entrees to the late workers | The suburbs a long way away for both of them | Puritans of every hue and shade hating what they become the most | The coin flips and we all take our bets | Everyone's got their price | What's yours? | Oh, the bed mates we choose to stop ourselves from dreaming | The sickly melodies we sing to drown out the screaming

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