EXIT LOUNGE started life as the occasional solo project of former Johnny Zhivago and Vicious Cabaret singer Steve Maloney. He released his first recordings under the name in 2010, with a full album - entitled Theriac - arriving in 2011. A follow up, called City Bottom Blues, appeared in 2012.

Steve Maloney 2010. Still from 'Clip Joint Smile' video.

A single - 'Night Porter Blues / Cargo' - was released in early 2014, featuring bassist/vocalist Sam Ramsden, keyboard player Tim Ramsden, and drummer Ed Thompson.

No new Exit Lounge material is planned for the immediate future. Steve and Ed appeared on Dead End Riviera's L'Appel Du Vide, released in 2015. Steve currently plays guitar in They Called Him Zone, who released their debut album Crow Swan Wolf in early 2017.

Exit Lounge 2013. Photo by Ross Williams.