Steve Maloney - Exit Lounge - 2013
The music policy at EXIT LOUNGE tends towards the seamier side of garage rock and lo-fi electronica; the sort of stuff you might hear emanating from a city bottom bar in a Metal Hurlant comic strip. If you can't imagine that, perhaps you're in the wrong place.

But since you're here, why not pull up a stool and have a drink? The clientele aren't exactly friendly, but they'll pay you no mind.

And there aren't too many places you can say that about anymore...


Funeral In Berlin 15.12.2018


They Called Him Zone are pleased to announce they have just signed a deal with Manchester's Eromeda Records. Their back catalogue will be re-released on the imprint before the end of the year, with new material set to appear in 2018.


In advance of the band's appearance at Infest on Friday 25 August 2017, here's a teaser for They Called Him Zone's forthcoming single, 'Death Drive'.


Crow Swan Wolf, the new mini-album from They Called Him Zone, is out now. It can be purchased from Bandcamp on CD and digital formats.


Steve Maloney will be sitting in with They Called Him Zone co-conspirator Mik Davis on his Dark Hour radio show this week. Midnight on Wednesday 21 December, BCB Radio 106.6FM.


Two new tracks from They Called Him Zone, from the forthcoming mini-album Crow Swan Wolf.


New download single from They Called Him Zone, featuring guitar and backing vocals by Steve Maloney.


Dead End Riviera's debut EP L'Appel Du Vide is available now on Bandcamp...


There's not a lot happening on the Exit Lounge front for the time being. However, Steve and Ed are currently performing in Dead End Riviera. Visit for the lowdown...


Another blast from the past - the video for 'Clip Joint Smile' from Theriac. It was filmed by Stefan Smith, and features Rodrigo Castro on bass and Pete Devine on drums.

It might also amuse you to take a look at the Exit Lounge playlist on YouTube if you're in a video watchin' kinda mood...


For those of you that are a little late to the party, Exit Lounge's 2012 album City Bottom Blues is available via Bandcamp.


The first of our new recordings are available now to buy on Bandcamp. The double A side single 'Night Porter Blues / Cargo' was recorded at our own atelier in Leeds. It can also be streamed here on the site, and on Soundcloud.


A little something for the weekend - in advance of its release on Monday, our new single 'Night Porter Blues / Cargo' can be streamed now on Soundcloud.


Having been holed up in our studio since before Christmas, we're going to be venturing out for an impromptu gig this Friday at The Fenton, Leeds.


In advance of our new release, Exit Lounge's 2011 debut album Theriac is now available to buy via Bandcamp. In these austere times, it should be noted it is cheaper to buy it direct from us there than via Amazon, iTunes, etc. But of course, if you're feeling generous, the option remains to pay more, too...


We've been on a bit of a roll writing new material so, instead of releasing an EP, we've decided we're going to release new tracks digitally as and when we record them, then put them out on some kind of physical format when we've got enough to constitute a full album. The finishing touches are being put on the first two - 'Night Porter Blues' and 'Cargo' - as we speak.


Since we all managed to survive the crushing ennui of Blue Monday, rest assured there'll be some news in the not-too-distant...


We are currently recording material for a new EP - all being well, it should be available in the new year.

And we've got two more gigs before the end of this one: Full Circle, Leeds on Friday 6 December, and Vampire, Bradford on Saturday 14 December. See Gigs page for details.


Muchas gracias to Shades After Dark for hosting our first gig as a quartet at Santiago, Leeds last Saturday, and to everyone who came down to see us. We'll be back in Leeds on Friday 6 December at Full Circle. See Gigs page for details.


Exit Lounge will be appearing at Vampire in Bradford on Saturday 14 December. See Gigs page for details.


Exit Lounge will be appearing at Santiago in Leeds on 4 October, and The Cavendish Arms in London on 25 October. See Gigs page for details.


We are pleased to announce that Exit Lounge is now a full band. Details on gigs and new recordings to follow soon...


City Bottom Blues will be available to stream and download via Bandcamp from 26 November 2012.

It'll be available to download via the usual online outlets in due course.

The tracks are: 1. This Charade! 2. Ten Years To Midnight 3. Say It Isn't So 4. Hypnic Love 5. Sleaze 6. Making Light Of The Blackout In The Red Light Zone 7. Case Full Of Excuses 8. Monochrome 9. Execration 29 10. Sky Bleeds Blue

It can also be streamed here on the site.


A new ten track album, entitled City Bottom Blues, is in production. Keep your eyes peeled for more details.


There hasn't been a lot of activity in the Exit Lounge camp for a while, since Steve Maloney has been busy playing guitar in Utopian Love Revival. However, he found the time recently to record a version of Marc & The Mambas' 'Sleaze', which can be streamed here and on Soundcloud.


Theriac is out now. You can download it from Amazon or iTunes, or wait a few days until it starts to appear on Torrent sites. The choice is yours.


Theriac will be available from 12 December 2011 via The Genepool through all good digital outlets, and probably some shitty ones, too.


Exit Lounge's debut album, entitled Theriac, will be available shortly.

The track listing is: 1. Everyday, Sometimes 2. Sucker Trade 3. Say What You Want 4. Dazzled In The Spotlight 5. Clip Joint Smile 6. Softkill 7. Tarnish On Your Halo 8. ...And The Record Plays On 9. Schadenfreude 10. Knees Up Eva Braun

It'll be available in digital format through all the usual outlets, distributed by The Genepool.

Watch the videos for 'Say What You Want' and 'Clip Joint Smile' here.

All you cautious consumers can try before you buy too - click here to stream the entire album.


Exit Lounge is now on Soundcloud if that sort of thing's your bag.


The video for 'Say What You Want' has been uploaded to Vimeo and YouTube. It can also be viewed on the site here. Many thanks to Kate and Lucy , and The Well, Leeds for the use of their fine establishment as a location; and a two finger salute to Leeds University for not returning our calls. We filmed it anyway.


The EP has materialised on Amazon and iTunes. Click through to order a copy and/or post a glib attempt at witty music 'journalism' in the comments section.


Well, in theory, anyway...


The Exit Lounge EP will be available as a download single from the usual suspects from 19.07.2010